Traveling Again, Dad?

The author and illustrator are donating all profits
from the book to children's charities.
Our Services

We are your “end-to-end” enterprise value enhancer. Here’s where we jump in and deliver immediately actionable ideas:

  • Another set of eyes on a book – our experience across a wide cross section of categories and channels enables us to ‘see around corners’ and find new revenue streams:
    • New channels
    • New products
    • Wider global footprint
    • Possible add-on’s
    • Let’s face it, no one wins in an auction. The only winner is the buyer who sees “low hanging watermelons” that others don’t see. That’s what enables him to pay a half a turn or full turn premium, while still showing top quartile IRR’s. We recently showed a private equity firm that was looking at a $53 million revenue, $9.4 million EBITDA company, how it could increase the run-rate by month 12 to $82 million revenue and $16 million EBITDA, with no capital investment.
  • Due Diligence – off-load major portions of this work to us. Marketing, Sales, Organizational Assessment, Finance, IT, and Operations are our sweet spots.
  • 100-Day Plans – there’s just no substitute for a highly detailed and timeline 100-Day Plan to jump start your short Hold Period and IRR. The IRR time clock is ticking as we speak.
  • New Revenue – new channels, new products, new customers, broadened global footprint. One of our Partners profitably expanded Pizza Hut’s global presence from 68 to 92 countries in two years. We recently wrote the Global Strategic Plan for a US-only fast food chain.
  • Process Improvement – from simple workflow simplification, to all-out Lean Manufacturing
  • Exit Planning – let hell freeze over before selling your portfolio for 7.0X to a Financial buyer. We’ll help you find the strategies for which 10.0X ‘ “feels like” 4.0X, after the synergies and integration.
  • Outside Directors – many of our Partners are steeped in Governance, as well as their own CEO/ C-Level breadth of experience. They can be excellent Outside Directors to oversee execution of the right Strategic agenda, and be a “friend-of-the-firm” while maintaining independence.
  • Interim CEO or C-Suite Management – our Partners can step in and be fully operational at 8:00 AM tomorrow. We have access to a ready battery of seasoned and proven professionals.
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