Traveling Again, Dad?

The author and illustrator are donating all profits
from the book to children's charities.
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This book fills a unique place in the literature for children whose parents have to travel for work. Told through the eyes of Awesome, the family’s pet hamster, it takes its young readers through the roller coaster of emotions that they often feel when a parent travels and offers guidance and advice on how to stay connected to their traveling parent. As an added bonus, the illustrations are really amazing.

This a wonderful and informative book, February 14, 2004

Arlene S. Hirsch from Chicago, IL USA Wall Street Journal writer

This is a picture book. Sure, the text is important (and in this case, very clever and thought-provoking) but it is the art that makes this book unique. The illustrations are by Drew Struzan, the foremost illustrator of movie posters working today (Star Wars, Indiana Jones). Here he brings the same humor and whimsey that he brings to much of his better known movie poster work (Police Academy, Cannonball Run, The Flintstones). Mr. Struzan has apparently produced only this single illustrated book so fans of great illustrated children’s books should snap this rare volume up. Each page brings a surprise and a chuckle, regardless of the age of the reader. These collaborators work hand-in-hand, taking our furry hero through his traveling adventures in a highly entertaining yet educational way.

The art of travel, July 7, 2000

Kurt F Reichenbach from Los Angeles, California United States

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