Traveling Again, Dad?

The author and illustrator are donating all profits
from the book to children's charities.
Traveling Again, Dad?

Traveling Again, Dad? addresses the issue millions of families live with: a spouse who travels as a part of their career can have a dramatic impact on the family…the “remaining” spouse, certainly the children, and even themselves.

Traveling Again, Dad? brings this issue to the forefront, and when read to a child, can acknowledge the feelings that are probably in place.

Traveling Again, Dad? provides helpful suggestions on how a family can deal with the issue constructively by making it an educational experience for the children, as well as a fun, creative long-distance communications challenge and adventure.

The author and illustrator are donating all profits from the book to children’s charities, as they both believe that passing along our values is the true purpose of parenthood.

About Mike Lorelli
Michael K. Lorelli - CEO, NYC, Outside Director

Michael Lorelli is a CEO/ Interim CEO, NYC, Outside Director and Board Director who is known for his ability to rapidly reshape the growth trajectories of companies, in all stages of growth. He gained valuable CEO acumen at Pepsi, where he is credited with putting the company in both the water, and isotonic beverage markets. He served as a PepsiCo president twice, first in the beverage sector, and later as CEO of Pizza Hut’s international division. Since then, Mike has led, as CEO, 6 private equity portfolio companies, for Audax (#1 today), Rutledge Capital, and Pouschine Cook Capital Management, and also served for six years as an Operating Partner at Falconhead Capital. Most recently Mike served as Interim CEO for Accent Foods.

He has served on a multiple of public and private boards. Mike is an active private pilot, since age 17, with a multi-engine rating, is an avid golfer, and has travelled to 58 countries.

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