Traveling Again, Dad?

Traveling Again, Dad?
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Traveling Again, Dad?

Michael Lorelli is a senior management executive with a strong record of building businesses in the consumer products, services, and B2B sectors. His 27 years of experience have largely been with blue-chip Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, the Clairol Division of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Air Express International.

He has traveled to 44 countries and is sought for his speach on travel safety. He resides in Darien, CT.

Drew Struzan is acknowledged as one of the world's leading illustrators. He has created the art for hundreds of movie posters and advertisements. Drew's best known for his work for Stephen Spielberg's movies - E.T., Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, The Back to The Future trilogy, Hook and many others. Drew and his wife Dylan reside in Pasadena, California.

Their son, Christian, is following in his father's footsteps, recently wining acclaim for his poster for Oliver Stone's J.F.K.